Wednesday, 3 September 2014

OBIA / Custom BIACM Offerings for Load Plan / Custom Fact Group

We are Taking on New Clients at the Moment as Independant Contractors for OBIA / , ODI and Informatica projects

Me and Krishna at DeliverBI had to create a new CUSTOM BIACM Offering and Fact group for one of our longstanding clients, to seperate E Business Suite data loads Out Of the Box and their own Custom data sources. On the Back of the changes we wrote a setup document. 

So we have decided to share this with the OBIA / OBIEE Community.
Extension Documented was Applied to OBIA and OBIA

I have uploaded a document which covers setting up new functionality that is not available out of the box. We have included scripts needed to expand the offerings within the BIACM tool within OBIA and instructions to configure

BIACM Config. 2
Step 1: Creation of Custom Offering. 2
Step 2: Creation of Source for the new offering. 2
Step 3: Creation of Custom Functional Area. 2
Step 4: Creation of relation between Offering and Functional Area. 3
Step 5:  Creation of fact group (Repeat for each Fact Group). 3
Step 6: Creation of Func Area to Fact Group Relation (Repeat for each Fact Group). 3
Linking BIACM Fact Groups to ODI Objects. 4
Fact Model / Dimension Model 4
Load Plan Steps (provided only for SILs, but SDE steps will be the same). 5
Dev Components. 5
Load Plan System Component (Required for a New Fact Group or Dim Group). 7
Generate the Custom Load Plan in BIACM... 8

Link to Document

Click Here to Download the Custom BIACM Offering within Load plan document
Click Here to Download the Custom BIACM Offering within Load plan Scripts

Shahed Munir and Krishna Mohan 

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