Friday, 2 December 2011

OBIEE Update session variables from Dashboard

To update session variables so that they can be used in rpd querys you must call the NQSSetsessionvalue commands this is normally done from the Issue SQL in the administration part of OBIEE. Using the code below this can be done using Prompt Variables and on a dashboard hidden away... From the below example i am updating 3 session variables in the rpd

1. Insert a Text box into Dashboard - Set text box to "Contains HTML"
2. Paste script below with your ammedments and save.

<script language="javascript">
 "<iframe width=0px height=0px src=" +
  document.location.href.match(/^[^?]+/) +
"?IssueRawSQL" +
document.location.href.match(/&_scid=[^&]+/) +

sessionv1 etc is the name of your session variable in RPD.

mydate1 etc is my dashboard prompt variable.

This is for Dashboard to RPD

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