Sunday, 11 December 2011

OBIEE Clear Server Cache from Direct Database Request

You can clear the OBIEE Server cache by Running a direct database request from Analysis on the front end.

1. Open the RPD, create a new database and select Allow direct database requests by default

Name: BIServer and Database: ODBC Basic

2. Create a connection pool without a username and password, set the right permissions on the connection pool

connection pool name – AnalyticsWeb

Select ODBC 2.0 and the DSN is AnalyticsWeb (this should match with the entry in odbc.ini)

Save the RPD.

4. Create a new Analysis in  and select “Create a New Direct Database Request”

In the connection pool, enter “BIServer”.”AnalyticsWeb” (database.connection pool)

In the sql statement, enter the command

Call SAPurgeAllCache();

Clicking on “Validate SQL and Retrieve columns” should retrieve couple of columns as shown.

Save the request and that’s it, this request can now be run anytime to purge the cache or even scheduled.

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