Friday, 2 December 2011

OBIEE Table make a row BOLD with JAVA

The below code allows a row in a table to be in Bold - insert a static text box into an answers request and "Contains HTML"

Paste below code and change "yourword" to the rows you want to highlight with identifier yourword.... Also ammend to the number of columns you have just keep adding cols on..... this example is for 6 columns..

<script  type="text/javascript"  language="javascript">
function InsertText() {
   if (document.body!=null)
    var cols = document.getElementsByTagName('td');
      for (var x=0; x<cols.length; x++) {
  if (cols[x].innerHTML=='yourword)
         cols[x].className='PTROW1T PTRIL OOLD'
         cols[x+1].className='PTROW1T PTRIL OOLD'
         cols[x+2].className='PTROW1T PTRIL OOLD'
         cols[x+3].className='PTROW1T PTRIL OOLD'
         cols[x+4].className='PTROW1T PTRIL OOLD'
         cols[x+5].className='PTROW1T PTRIL OOLD'
         cols[x+6].className='PTROW1T PTRIL OOLD'


   } else {


Note : I have OBIEE internal css class - PTROW1T PTRIL OOLD  to display font as bold.

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