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BI Publisher JDBC Teradata Connection

Teradata Connection in BI Publisher

Connection Type : Teradata JDBC

Shahed Munir --- DELIVERBI

I could see a database connection type of Teradata in BI Publisher but it would not connect.

If there is an error would be something like this : java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:teradata:

These are the steps to make it work....

1.Get Files  terajdbc4.jar,tdgssconfig.jar,jtds-1.3.1.jar from Teradata Website . I will put these files in the deliverbi box location or email us for the files...

Link to Files : Click Here to Download Zip file from DeliverBI

2. FTP or goto Server Location for weblogic path MW_HOME is your mw home directory : 


3. Stop all BI Services including weblogic and Copy the files above to the location above 1-2.

4.  Take a backup of the weblogic temporary files in the below location and place in another location and then delete folders .. This will clear the Bipublisher application Cache: 


Once BI Publisher is accessed the application cache is restored and you will see the folders again. I took a back up as i wanted to be sure....

5. Start all BI Services

6. Test Connection - Should say Connection Established Successfully.

Good Luck.. Over and Out.

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