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Migrating from Oracle BI 11g to 12c OBIEE

Migrating from Oracle BI 11g to 12c

Migrating the metadata from Oracle BI 11g to 12c is a two step process, and is carried out by using the BI Migration Script ( The process involves creating an export bundle from a read-only 11g certified Release ( or later) using the BI Migration Tool (bi-migration-tool.jar) and then importing it in to the 12c system.
This procedure is applicable only for Oracle BI EE and BI Publisher.
Oracle supports Essbase migration from Release to Release 12.2.1. It is carried out using a separate command-line migration utility (|bat). To migrate Essbase data and metadata from to 12.2.1, follow the procedure described in “Migrating Essbase Data and Metadata to Essbase 12.2.1” in Oracle® Essbase Database Administrator's Guide 12.2.1.
The export process is read-only. Data, configuration, or existing binaries are not modified or deleted on the source system. During export, the metadata and configuration (specifically the data model and connection pools), the catalog content, and the security store authorization policy are retained. You must reconfigure the following:
  • The WebLogic authentication configuration
  • Mid-tier database content (such as BI Publisher schedules, the job history of agents, scorecard annotations, and usage tracking tables)
  • Application-specific data such as TimesTen aggregates, the global cache, required database schemas, and Essbase applications, data, outlines, rules, and calculations
The import process is offline. During import, metadata content is deployed to customize the specified service instance and it overwrites the existing configuration settings

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