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OBIEE 12c Auto Start on Server Restart Windows and Unix

OBIEE 12c Auto Start all Services

Auto start after windows or Linux Server restart
Thanks Oracle

So easy now…
, You can use your operating system scheduler or initialization scripts to run the provided wrapper start script when server starts up. 

For example on Windows 2012 you could create a scheduled task that would get executed when the server starts and point it to OBIEE start script by following these steps:
  1. Open Task Scheduler from Administrative Tools
  2. Create a new Task, give it a name.
  3. Select "Run whether user is logged on or not"
  4. Create a New Trigger to run "At system startup".
  5. Create a New Action to "Start a program". Click Browse button, navigate to [DOMAIN_HOME]/bitools/bin directory and select start.cmd


Use init.d scripts (see your favorite search engine for examples) to call or create a service | daemon via [DOMAIN_HOME]/bitools/bi/

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