Tuesday, 17 April 2012

OBIEE Cant Import Metadata Administration Client Tool

OBIEE Cant Import Metadata (Administration Client Tool)

Im on Windows 7 64 Bit . OBIEE instance is on a Linux 64 Bit Platform

1. Make Sure there is a  new Oracle Home installed on the Windows Machine.

I just installed the latest Oracle Home 11.2

I also created a Windows System Environment Variable too.


With path to Bin directory in the Oracle Home.

I think this one actually worked though.. Not sure but maybe try this first...
The other thing that worked for me was i installed the Oracle Client Tools (32 BIT) as Windows Server 2003 in compatability Mode. Then used the Admin Tool Program  in the Program Files - Oracle Client tools installation directory to launch the Administration tool.  This has resolved my issue.

I Used the 32bit Windows ODBC Client aswell to configure online RPD Access.

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  1. I am on Win 7 64-bit too. I installed OBI Client tools 32-bit(x86) and Oracle DB Client 32-bit(x86) 11.2. Everything works fine with this configuration.

    Previously I installed OBI Client tools 64-bit and I couldn't see any tables in a database via Oracle DB Client 32-bit.
    It seems it is important to use either 32-bit clients or 64-bit clients together.


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