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OBIEE 11g Query Logging Levels

Query Logging set in the RPD .

Goto Identity Menu in RPD and Filter a User - Type in Username wanted and set the logging level

Query Logging Levels

Logging Level
Information That Is Logged
Level 0
No logging.
Level 1
Logs the SQL statement issued from the client application. Also logs the following:
  • Physical Query Response Time — The time for a query to be processed in the back-end database.
  • Number of physical queries — The number of queries that are processed by the back-end database.
  • Cumulative time — The sum of time for all physical queries for a request (that is, the sum of all back-end database processing times and DB-connect times).
  • DB-Connect time — The time taken to connect to the back-end database.
  • Query cache processing — The time taken to process the logical query from the cache.
  • Elapsed time — The time that has elapsed from when the logical query is presented to the BI Server until the result is returned to the user. Elapsed time can never be less than response time, because elapsed time takes into account the small extra time between the logical query being presented to the BI Server to the start of preparation of the query. In cases where this delta time is negligible, the elapsed time equals the response time.
  • Response time — The time taken for the logical query to prepare, execute, and fetch the last record.
  • Compilation time — The time taken to compile the logical query.
  • For each query, logs the query status (success, failure, termination, or timeout), and the user ID, session ID, and request ID.
Level 2
Logs everything logged in Level 1.
Additionally, for each query, logs the repository name, business model name, subject area name, SQL statement issued against the physical database, queries issued against the cache, number of rows returned from each query against a physical database and from queries issued against the cache, and the number of rows returned to the client application.
Level 3
Logs everything logged in Level 2.
Additionally, adds a log entry for the logical query plan, when a query that was supposed to seed the cache was not inserted into the cache, when existing cache entries are purged to make room for the current query, and when the attempt to update the exact match hit detector fails.
Level 4
Logs everything logged in Level 3.
Additionally, logs the query execution plan.
Level 5
Logs everything logged in Level 4.
Additionally, logs intermediate row counts at various points in the execution plan.
Level 6 and 7
Not used.

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