Thursday, 16 August 2012


BI Composer Instance Config Setting EM

BI Composer Instance Config to TRUE BP1 we have noticed the BI Composer Instance config Setting is handled within the Enterprise Manager¨

Krishna M

<!--This Configuration setting is managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control-->

This setting has to be set in the BI Beans Module.

Login to Enterprise Manager 7001 /em

Navigate to Application Deployments - bicomposer (bicomposer (biserver1) like below

1. To Lock before Edit
Application Defined MBeans --> oracle.biee.admin --> BIDomain
Operations - Lock

2. Set BI Composer to True
Application Defined MBeans --> oracle.biee.admin --> BIDomain.BIInstance.PresentationConfiguration

BIComposerEnabled  set to True

3. Commit & Unlock - Same screen as stage 1
Application Defined MBeans --> oracle.biee.admin --> Domain:bifoundation_domain --> BIDomain
Operations Tab - Commit "1st Option"

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