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OBIEE RPD Child Presentation Tables

OBIEE BP1 Child Folders RPD

OBIEE Administrator Version

Release Version: Oracle Business Intelligence
Package: 120604.0136.000

In previous Releases we used to assign a sub folder in the RPD with a hyphen "-" but Oracle has now implemented a new feature in the tool release for BP1 so that this can be achieved as a feature within the tool itself.

The old way to achieve sub folders in the RPD Administrator Tool

In Answers / Analysis will look like this

The New way is quite quirky. Just double click the folder you want as a Parent folder and assign the Child folder under the tab "Child Presentation Tables" to achieve the same result as above.

Oracle Have said they will de-support the hyphen feature in the next release.

Achieving nesting by adding hyphens at the beginning of presentation table names or adding arrows at the beginning of presentation table descriptions is deprecated for this release and will be removed in a future release.

So to overcome re-working the entire RPD to fit the new functionality there is a new tool in Utilities called

Convert Presentation Folders Utility

To use the Upgrade Presentation Foldering utility:

To use the Upgrade Presentation Foldering utility:

Note: Do not run the convert presentation folders utility in online mode.

  1. Open your repository in the Administration Tool in offline mode.
  2. Select Tools, then select Utilities.
  3. Select Convert Presentation Folders and click Execute.
    The hyphens and arrows disappear from presentation table names and descriptions, and the affected tables are listed as child tables for the appropriate parent object.

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