Friday, 2 December 2011


OBIEE Cursor Cache clear from Dashboard Java Script

OBIEE Cursor cache is normally cleared from the Administration - Manage Sessions Screen...

Here is a way that a piece of java can be embedded into a dashboard and call an xframe so you cant see it being called and clear the OBIEE Cursor cache - Presentation cache in effect.

1. Just insert a text box into Dashboard - Tick the "Contains HTML Markup"
2. Paste the script below into the text box

<script language="javascript">
 "<iframe width=0px height=0px src=" +
  document.location.href.match(/^[^?]+/) +
"?ManageSessions" +
document.location.href.match(/&_scid=[^&]+/) +
"&Action=CloseAllCursors&Done=saw.dll%3fSessions',{ensureFreshUrl:true});return false;')></iframe>"

Voila - when ever you click on the dashboard or refresh it the cursor cache will get cleared.

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