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OBIEE 12c Import and Export BAR Files


Below BAR File Export and Import commands with RPD Credentials and runtime info -- ie catalog user folders.

We tried various methods importing and exporting bar files. We found the below 2 commands to be the best . They have not caused us any problems to date. 

We take the runtime info and the RPD Credentials aswell as systemJazn roles etc.

First create the folders on the exporting server ie source server you would like to export from.

Create the workDir and exportDir directories on /u01 or where ever you feel comfortable withmkdir


Initiate WLST session in offline DEV

 weblogic offline mode - use your own OBIEEHOME location


Then issue the Export command

----- EXPORT COMMAND --------

exportServiceInstance('/u01/OBIEEHOME/user_projects/domains/OBISTG', 'ssi', '/u01/workDir', '/u01/exportDir', applicationName=None, applicationDesc=None, applicationVersion=None, includeCatalogRuntimeInfo=true,includeCredentials='Password123')

This will create a .bar file in the exportDir 

Copy the .bar file to the Target Server / Ftp etc..

Goto Your Target server and again initiate WLST session in offline mode. 

Then issue the Import command.

----- IMPORT COMMAND --------


No wait time will be incurred with the above method. For full export and import.

After the Import bounce all BI Services just to be sure everything falls into place.

If you don't know your service instance name try this :

This task enables you to list all Service Instances.
To list all service instances:
  1. Start the WLST command line scripting tool.
    For information, see Section 8.3.3, "Using the WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST)".
  2. Enter command, for example:
    Where domainHome is the path to BI domain home.
    For example:
  3. listBIServiceInstances('/oraclehome/user_projects/domains/bi')

The command returns a list of Service Instance Keys

There are various ways to achieve this please refer to the oracle manual for more info....

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