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ODI 12.2.1 Overload JDBC odiMasterRepository with ODI Console on Weblogic Server

ODI 12.2.1 – ODI Web Console – Overloaded JDBC Connections on Weblogic

ODI Version 12.2.1
Server Operating System : Red Hat Linux

Steps :

No problem with JDBC Connection pool when logging in with Supervisor Privileges.
1     When Logging in as SUPERVISOR or a user with Supervisor privileges the JDBC Connection Pool jdbc_odiMasterRepository is OK. Running 1 or 2 sessions.

2     When logging in with a new user also with Supervisor Privileges the JDBC Connection Pool jdbc_odiMasterRepository is OK.


When logging in with ANY user that does not have the supervisor privilege the weblogic JDBC Connection pool is producing a lot of Sessions which in turn produces a JDBC Overload error and the online Console Freezes. 

There are too many sessions generated  as for supervisor user only 2/3 sessions are generated.

Below is only 1 user that does not have supervisor privileges logged in to ODI Console on web browser. The JDBC Connection Pool jdbc_odiMasterRepository is NOT OK.

Active Connection can be very high which will eventually produce an JDBC Overload Error and the ODI Console will freeze. 39 Connections for 1 non Supervisor User

There seems to be a bug when logged in with a user without supervisor privileges

We contacted Oracle and a resolution was provided as a patch - Please apply as a regular opatch. This did fix the problem.

The Patch Number from Oracle is : 22724289


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