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GCP Dataproc HDFS Error on Creation of Cluster

Google Dataproc HDFS Error when spinning up a cluster

Error You will Encounter

On creation of Google Dataproc Cluster - You will get the following error this can be due
to a bad character in a username in SSH configuration for the Dataproc Project. 
activate-component-hdfs[2799]: + exit_code=1
activate-component-hdfs[2799]: + [[ 1 -ne 0 ]]
activate-component-hdfs[2799]: + echo 1
activate-component-hdfs[2799]: + log_and_fail hdfs 'Component hdfs failed to activate' 1
activate-component-hdfs[2799]: + local component=hdfs
activate-component-hdfs[2799]: + local 'message=Component hdfs failed to activate'
activate-component-hdfs[2799]: + local error_code=1
activate-component-hdfs[2799]: + local client_error_indicator=
activate-component-hdfs[2799]: + [[ 1 -eq 2 ]]
activate-component-hdfs[2799]: + echo 'StructuredError{hdfs, Component hdfs failed to activate}'
activate-component-hdfs[2799]: StructuredError{hdfs, Component hdfs failed to activate}
activate-component-hdfs[2799]: + exit 1

The Fix

Create the cluster using command line within GCP

Use the tag below when creating cluster  ---  put at the end of any create cluster command even if metadata tags exist for other purposes -- still add this tag at the end.


Your cluster will get created.


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