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Trino Graceful Shutdown on GCP Using Instance Groups


I was setting up a Trino cluster for one of my clients on GCP and shutting down nodes causes query errors. I have been using Trino previously called Presto on GCP now for over 4 years. Its an amazing product with phenomenal response times when querying Hive over HDFS (ORC) format.


I need to shutdown Trino (Workers/Nodes) during specific hours or even refresh them or resize the number of workers throughout the day or night. Clusters run 24x7 as to support UK and USA time zones as well as other countries in between. Using an instance group was challenging as when you issue a command to resize an Instance Group the shut-down script method per VM was hit and miss and its also unpredictable.


A GCP instance group shuts down the Network Communication on the machine when issue a resize command and does not give the Trino Worker (Machine) enough time to fulfil any query that is currently running.  Once you issue the shutdown for a VM within an instance group you only have a 90-120 second time window. This was just not good enough for my client as some queries can run anywhere between 1s and 1hr … So, I ruled out the shutdown-script … No good, wont work.


A little digging around later, I wrote a shell script .. not rocket science but something that will do the trick and get the job done as I wanted to cover a few scenarios that can run in airflow or a CRON job.


1.      Shutdown a Trino worker and Remove the worker VM from an Instance group once it has finished all its tasks (Important finished all its tasks so the worker will remain in SHUT_DOWN state till all its work has finished and let the Co-Ordinator know its going to shutdown so it wont take on any more work).

2.      Im able to resize the Trino Cluster on Demand Up or Down.

3.      Bring Different size Workers to the Trino cluster dependant upon time of day for cost efficiency. Such as I want highmem16 or highmem8 machines.


Shell script is simple . It’s a divide and rule approach. I will tell the worker to shut down gracefully and once it has done everything it needs or wants to do I will check if the node is alive and the delete the machine from the instance group.


So to conquer this approach I have split the script into multiple processes


1.      SIGNAL-SHUTDOWN – Tell the workers to shutdown (Pass Number of Workers to Shutdown) , I then store the VM hostnames in a file as I’m telling them to shutdown only for the number of workers required.


2.      SHUTDOWN as a separate process, In this part of the script I’m checking if the VM (Trino Node is not in ACTIVE or SHUTDOWN state, If Trino has shut down the worker completely you wont get a response back. So, take that as a Kill signal, remove the VM and remove from the list of machines that need to removed from the instance group. This process can be run on a timer, to keep checking in case 2 of let’s say 5 nodes have not yet shutdown as the queries they are running take longer than the others.


3.       RESIZE, I use this just for Scaling Upwards as its literally a resize of an instance group.


4.       SHUTDOWN-RESIZE, This one can also be used after SIGNAL-SHUTDOWN but will recreate the Trino Worker machines after they have shutdown too. This can be used to refresh the worker VM’s. Trino does like to be refreshed to keep everything ticking over correctly.


The Script takes a few simple Parameters

1.      The Number of Trino Workers (VM’s to Remove)

2.      Signal Type ()

3.      Instance Group Name

4.      Number of Workers to Resize too.


Feel free to Amend and use the script and enhance it to your requirements. We have used apache airflow to orchestrate the commands and use sensors to see when the process is complete by issuing ALLDONE once the VM list file is empty. (Check out the script). Keep it simple is the key.


The Script is Available on  our Git Repo :


In a future post I will write up the instructions on how to create an auto-scaling Trino Cluster using instance groups on GCP.



 By Shahed Munir @ DELIVERBI – 25/10/2021






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This information really helped me a lot. It was very informative.
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