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OBIEE 12c - How To Get BIAuthor and BIConsumer Application Roles Added To A Clean Installation


OBIEE 12c - Adding BI Author and BI Consumer Roles

During the configuration of a new install of OBIEE 12c, when prompted to choose the application that will be installed on your initial service instance, you selected:

"Clean Slate (no predefined application )".

After the configuration of the instance was completed, you can only see "BI Service Administrator" in the list of Roles. BI Author and BI Consumer are not present.

This document describes how to add the BI Author and BI Consumer roles added to such instance.

Lets get it Done

You can deploy the SampleAppLite example which will add the missing BI Author and BI Consumer roles.

The steps are listed below:

  1. The SampelAppLite bar file is available at :


    You can set the Service Instance in your environment to as follows
  2. Start the WLST script tool using the command:

  3. Run the importServiceInstance to import the file.

    For example: 

    importServiceInstance ('<DOMAIN_HOME>','ssi','<ORACLE_HOME>/bi/bifoundation/samples/sampleapplite/')
      Where you need to replace the <ORACLE_HOME> and <DOMAIN_HOME> with the physical path for OBIEE OracleHome and DomainHome.
  4. Restart the OBIEE services.
  5. Verify.
  6. Replace with your repository and catalog or remove and start from scratch (clean state).
  7. Restart the OBIEE services.

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