Saturday, 30 October 2010


Obiee 11g Bi Scheduler Gives Error Nqserror: 75005

Shahed Munir when running Agent (iBot), the following error message is seen: Failed to send AUTH command. 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccess...

OBIEE 11g Removing Dashboard Links

Shahed Munir THe following are the links that needs to go for the dashboard users. 1) Home 2) Catalog 3) New 4) Open I have found th...

OBIEE 11g Auto Start all With Windows Services

Shahed Munir How to install the weblogic AdminServer and Managed Server as MS Windows Service for OBIEE 11g installation. This is how ...

OBIEE 11g Administration Tool Bugs

Shahed Munir Dont open a rpd by double clicking to Edit it , Always start the BI Administration tool from The Start Menu else you will get...

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