Saturday, 30 October 2010


Obiee 11g Bi Scheduler Gives Error Nqserror: 75005

Shahed Munir

when running Agent (iBot), the following error message is seen:

Failed to send AUTH command. 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful

The above error message is seen if the BI scheduler cannot ping the mail server specified in the scheduler configuration. In this case, customer is able to ping and telnet the mail server.

The other scenario where the error message is seen is if Username and password are specified in the scheduler configuration.

To view this setting, log in to enterprise manager > Business Intelligence > Coreapplication > Deployment > Mail and you will notice Username, password. If the values are specified for Username and password then Failed to Send Auth Command error is seen.

In this case, Username and password for the scheduler configuration have values.

Once the values are entered, these values cannot be deleted from the EM. In order to delete the values for Username and Password specified in mail configuration, log in to enterprise manager > Weblogic Domain > Right click on bifoundation_domain > Security > Credentials > Expand > Highlight mail.server and delete.

After deleting the credential, customer was able to run the agents successfully.

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