Tuesday, 6 March 2012


OBIEE Title View and Variable

Example of Referencing a Variable in a Title View

Suppose that you have created a dashboard prompt called Region, which is based on the Region column and which creates a presentation variable called MyFavoriteRegion

Suppose also that you have created an analysis that shows Dollars by Region and District. You have also added a filter on the Region column that is set to Is Prompted so that you can prompt the user for a region using this Region prompt.
You can reference the MyFavoriteRegion variable in the Title view so that the user's selection in the Region prompt is displayed in the title of the analysis. To do so, you enter the variable syntax @{variables.MyFavoriteRegion} in the Title field in the Title editor

shows the results on a dashboard page when a user selects EASTERN REGION in the Region prompt. Notice that the variable in the title has been updated to the user's selection, EASTERN REGION.

Results of Referencing My Favorite Region in the Title View

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