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BI Publisher 11g Timeout Session

BI Publisher 11g Session Time Out Value

The BI Publisher session time out is controlled in a section in the web.xml file under the WEB-INF directory. The web.xml file must be manually updated to change the time out value.

To configure the BI Publisher time out value:
Locate the xmlpserver.war under the Middleware Home and create a backup.
Log in to the WebLogic Administration Console and click Deployments.
Delete the bipublisher entry.
Unpack the xmlpserver.war file, preserving directories.
Navigate to the WEB-INF directory and open the web.xml file.
In the web.xml file, locate the <session-config> section.
Update the <session-timeout> setting to the desired number of minutes.
<session-config> <session-timeout>60</session-timeout> </session-config>
Zip up the xmlpserver.war file, preserving the directories.
Log back in to the WebLogic Administration Console and click Deployments. Install the BI Publisher WAR file, accepting all the defaults.
Restart BI Publisher. The new time out setting is applied.

Or update directly in the weblogic folders to test immediatly with existing WAR File



Option 2 - Not Tested

There is also another option within the xmlp file itself for timeouts and in the xmlp-server-config.xml file.

Option 3 - Not Tested

log in to weblogic console

select the bipublisher(11.1.1.x.0) enterprose application under the Deployments

choose the Configuration tab then Application sub tab

here u will find session timeout(in seconds)

change it and test for different values

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