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HR Reporting Types of Reports

HR Reporting  - Types of HR Reports

Security - LDAP or Alternative.
All reports should be driven off a Position/ Job or Organisation style Hierarchy
Points to take note of - Multiple Subordinates within a Position.
Take Note of Key KPI's - Such Absences
level of Visibility - Salary etc.

All Reports should support Date Tracking - Historical Changes

1. Headcount - Reporting - By Department - Team - Other Hierarchy
Headcount - To make sure all the Employees are accounted for and Company headcount is correct within OBIEE

2. Starters - Leavers - Transfers Reporting by Hierarchy drill
Have Visibility over SCD Type 2 (Slowly Changing Dimensions the Flow of employees moving departments / Positions etc, Leaving
and starting the company is correct)

3. Gather and store Employee Information within Dimensions

Next Move on to all other HR Related Reporting
4. Absences - Reporting - KPI Reports - Trends / Patterns
   -Long Term Absences
   -Open Ended Absences
   -SSP / SMP / OSP etc
   -Holiday Requests - Absence Calendar Style Reporting

5. Diversity Reporting
   - Ethnic Origin / Disability / Age Reporting > 65 etc...

6. Competency and Training Stats
  - Employees competency vs Position or Job Competencies

7. Salary Reporting
  - Under 25k , Over 100k Etc

8. Recruitment –
   - Conversion percentage from sourcing to selection / joining and other variants to show recruitment effectiveness

9. Performance Monitoring by hierarchy / department / team

10. Reward & Pay Visibility – Allowance analysis by hierarchy / Position / Grade / years of service
   - Non Plan expenditure analysis like Over Time etc. by hierarchy / department / grade
   - Average salaries by grade

11. Audit Reporting Stats - Change of Name, Salary, NI Number etc

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