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Oracle Data Integrator Agents

Setting up ODI Agents
By Shahed Munir

Simply Agents are used to Schedule jobs and listening for tasks, They are used for many other reasons aswell but lets stick with the basics for now..

Lets Create a Scheduler Agent - This can also act as a listner Agent - 2 in One

We have to start with editing the Oraparams.bat

set ODI_SECU_DRIVER=oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
set ODI_SECU_URL=jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:orcl

1. Driver - I have used an Oracle Driver

2. url - This is my connection to my oracle Database

3. User - This is my Master Repository User Name

4. Password - This has to be derived from running a command to get your password into an encrypted format

This command needs to be run in Command Prompt Windows (Windows)
agent encrypt <Password>       
You dont need the brackets Password is your ODI Master Repository Password
Once you have the encryped Password paste it in the file.

5. This is Your Work Repository Name this can be found in topology Manager under Work Repositories


7. The Password for Supervisor Account by Default its SUNOPSIS.. If this is the case then this value does not need to be altered.

8. Save File

Lets Move on To ODI Now.
Open up Topology Manager
- Create a Physical Agent and call it AGENT1
- Create The Agent in the Logical Layer Aswell and pick the physical AGENT1 , Assign Relevent context

Click Test and it will Fail thats because we need to set up a Windows Service to run an Agent so that its listening all the time for requests.

This is easy

Open a cmd Prompt window and run this : agentservice -i -s AGENT1 20910

This will create a windows service for the Agent - Goto Windows Services and Start OracleDI Service .

Now go Back to Topology Manager and Test Agent Connection - It should say Success. Cool your done.

Note : When Scheduling Jobs /Interfaces Always goto Agent in Topology Manager and click Update Scheduling as this updates the agents schedules.

The Default port for ODI Agents is 20910 , For another Agent call it Agent 2 and run it under port 20911

Listner Agent
For a listner Agent we can setup an Agent within Topology Manager called AGENT2
Then run the

cmd Window Script Again

agentservice -i -a AGENT1 20911

Thats it ... Another agent can be run from Windows Services.

-a is a Listner Agent.
-s is a Scheduler Agent.

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