Sunday, 5 February 2012


Customization of OBIEE Home Page

OBIEE Home Page Customization

Remove links under Get Started Section

Remove Recents and Most popular from right pane on homepage.

1. Create 2 folders under the following location (Red are new folders)

Path should be like below


2. Copy the file bieehome.htm from the following location : $MW_HOME/Oracle_BI1/bifoundation/web/msgdb/pages/bieehome to the bieehome folder we created above.

3. Edit the bieehome.htm file under remove the unwanted links and sections needed.

I normally remove recents from under the <!-- right pane --> tag

Get Started links can be removed from under the <!-- Get Started... --> tag

4. Bounce OPMN

MW_HOME/instances/instance1/bin/opmnctl stopall

MW_HOME/instances/instance1/bin/opmnctl startall

All done.

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