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OBIEE 11g Performance Presentation Settings

OBIEE 11g performance Settings

Oracle BI Presentation Services Component Tuning Guide

To achieve better performance with Presentation Services (OBIPS) component, the following parameters can be tuned instanceconfig.xml file
for better performance and scalability.

Waiting time for results

Controls how long the server waits for results after the initial request before returning the Searching page to the browser. It may be useful to set this value higher (such as 10 seconds) to avoid page refreshes if the majority of queries are not returning in 1 second. If running performance tests some test implementations behave properly only if this setting is set very high (such as 1000 seconds). <ServerInstance>

Catalog related tunable parameters

There are several OBIPS web catalog related parameters available like Soft limit on when a lock is warned of being stale, Hard limit on when a lock is removed as stale, How many characters to use to hash usernames into sub directories etc
<ServerInstance> <Catalog>

Caching related tunable parameters

There are several OBIPS cache related parameters for number of cache entries, expiry time, and algorithm to clean up the cache etc. <ServerInstance>
<!-- Remove from the cache everything older than N minutes --> <MaxAgeMinutes>240</MaxAgeMinutes>
<!-- AbsoluteMaxEntries is the enforced maximum number of entries. When this maximum is reached -->
<!-- subsequent queries will fail until the maximum is no longer exceeded. -->
<AbsoluteMaxEntries>20000</AbsoluteMaxEntries> <!-- CruiseEntries is amount of entries the OracleBI Presentation server tries to maintain in its cache. --> <CruiseEntries>3000</CruiseEntries> <!-- Forces the cache to attempt to remove an old entry when MaxEntries is exceeded. --> <ForceLRU>true</ForceLRU>
<!-- Cleanup this cache every N minutes. --> <CleanupFrequencyMinutes>14400</CleanupFrequencyMinutes>
<!-- Cleanup this cache every N minutes. --> <CleanupFrequencyMinutes>14400</CleanupFrequencyMinutes>
Charting thread related tunable parameters

Number of charting threads and maximum number of jobs allowed in the queue can be tuned for performance when the dashboards have several charts: <ServerInstance>
MaxQueue: Specifies the maximum number of jobs allowed in the queue. On 64bit OS, the default value is low so you may need to set it to 2048. MaxThreads: Specifies the maximum number of threads. Tip: [default is 8 i.e. numProcessors() * 8]


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