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PowerBI Custom Direct Query ODBC Connector

PowerBI Custom Direct Query ODBC Connector

At DELIVERBI we have various challenges presented to us and a client of ours uses Power BI as their main reporting and analytics tool and wanted Direct Query on any ODBC Source.
We implemented Presto , Hadoop , hive etc as we outlined in an earlier blog briefly. To compliment this solution we needed to be able to query Presto on a Direct Query for transactional level data on the fly.

We created a Power BI custom connector for this that sits on top of a windows ODBC connection. Its quite simple really but we have compiled the .mez which is the custom connector file that you will require to start importing or Direct Querying data straight away.
Its available to download from our github Location

The Connector Supports all ODBC Datasources and has been optimized for Presto and Hive too. We used the treasure data ODBC driver for Presto as that's what was needed and a mapr 2.15 ODBC driver for Hive. This Connector is generic so any ODBC Driver can be used. Also the connector has been tested on most versions of PowerBI.
Remember to place the .mez file within your windows documents folder under 2 named folders which is the default location for Powerbi to pick up custom connectors.
It will appear under Other within the Powerbi application.

If you would like to know more about compiling the connector or have a custom connector created and delivered to your inbox that's skinned for a corporate look and feel then please contact us for more information.

Enjoy the connector and helps like it did for us. We bypassed the source code etc so business users can enjoy the benefit of a fully compiled Connector , Just store it in the location and start using it for Direct Querying any ODBC Datasource.

Power to the future of Big Data @ DELIVERBI

We actually Know Big Data !!

Shahed Munir & Krishna Udathu


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James Zicrov
27 November 2019 at 21:11 delete

I think the combination of Power BI and ODBC can actually make up for some more interesting and useful developments.

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