Thursday, 26 September 2019


Yarn - Long Running Jobs Alerts for Hive TEZ , Application Containers

Hadoop / Hive / Yarn / Applications Long running Jobs alert script

Currently at a client where their are some long running jobs in hive that hog the resources , You can see the logs in the application history manager or yarn etc. But we needed an alert mechanism. So we wrote this python script to detect any over-runs , it will spit out a file with the relevant records that are over running . The script can be run with any method really.Airflow . ODI , Cron Job just add a step to send a mail using xmail or what ever suits you.

We use Airflow and if the file produced contains any records we send an email to the Admins to see whats going on , Alternatively you could always issue a yarn application kill command.

The script is within our Github Python.

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Shahed and Krishna


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