Wednesday, 23 May 2012


OBIEE Custom RCU Tool Standalone on Oracle Database

Solutions by Shahed Munir & Krishna Mohan

RCU Tool has been broken down so a RCU can be created via scripts and on a Oracle Database without running the GUI from windows or Linux 32bit Box.

Can be run on Solaris ,Linux 64 Bit or any other platform where you can access sql commands.

There are occasions when the Oracle delivered Repository Creation Utility (RCU) cannot be

used. Examples of this could be – OBIEE installation team may not be able to connect from a windows machine etc.

DBAs might not be able to run a GUI tool due to security policies.

To overcome this situation we have come up with a custom RCU creation script that can be

passed on to a DBA who has the sys access without the need to down load and run the GUI

based RCU.

This set of scripts create the required schemas namely DVBI_BIPLATFORM and DVBI_MDS.

Both the schemas are set with password as ‘abcd’. Follow the below instructions

1. FTP File to Database Server

2. Create a temporary Directory “RCU”

3. Unzip the file to within directory above

4. Make sure permissions are ok for above files

5. Connect to sqlplus as sys dba e.g sqlplus sqlplus sys/ AS


6. At the sql prompt run the below command


After the above script is run, make sure the session has exited

Open another session and check that the following users and schemas have been created

User Tablespace




Proceed to next step only if the above users and table spaces have been create

1. Connect to sqlplus as sys dba e.g sqlplus sqlplus sys/ AS


2. At the sql prompt run the below command


Both the scripts above create two log files namely, rcu.log and rcu_users.log in the same

directory as the scripts you unzipped.

Download Working Example scripts from here.

Click here to download a working example

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