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OBIEE 11g Metadata Dictionary

How to generate Metadata dictionary in OBIEE 11g

The following steps explain on how to generate a metadata dictionary in OBIEE 11g

1) Open the repository using the OBIEE Administration tool in offline mode. Navigate to Tools > Utilities > Generate Metadata Dictionary > Execute (Execute button will be enabled only when Generate Metadata Dictionary is hightlighted

Specify a directory name with no special characters. In this example I have specified the location as

C:\Middleware is the location where OBIEE 11g is installed. If the directory sampleapplite doesn't exist,

then you get a message if the directory has to be created, click "YES".

2) Once the metadata dictionary is generated, copy WEB-INF folder from $INSTANCE_HOME\bifoundation\OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent\coreapplication_obips1\analyticsRes to C:\Middleware\sampleapplite.
Where $INSTANCE_HOME represents $MIDDLEWARE_HOME\instances\instance1, and $MIDDLEWARE_HOME represents the  OBIEE11g install folder; in this example it's C:\Middleware.

3) Open the Weblogic console via browser (http://%3cmachinewithweblogic%3e:7001/console), log in with the user credentials created at the time of 11g install. Now deploy the sampleapplite folder (this is the folder that has metadata dictionary details).

Deployments > Lock and Edit > Install > Specify Path as C:\Middleware\sampleapplite and select the radio button for sampleapplite.

With out Step(2), the sampleapplite directory cannot be deployed as an application in Weblogic, an application in weblogic needs deployment descriptor file (WEB-INF/web.xml).

Click Next > Select Install this deployment as an application (this is selected by default) > Click Next > Select bi_server1 > Click Next.

4) Select I will make the deployment accessible from the following location > Click Next.

 5) Select Yes, take me to the deployment configuration screen (this is selected by default) and click Finish.

6) Click Activate Changes.

7) Once the changes are activated, click on Control tab > Lock and Edit > select sampleapplite > select start > servicing all requests. > Click Yes > Click Release Configuration.

8) Edit instanceconfig.xml and add the following after first ServerInstance tag:


Location of instanceconfig.xml is


Save the changes.

9) Restart presentation services from Enterprise Manager. Access EM from browser, URL to access EM is http://%3cweblogicmachine%3e:7001/em. Log in with the user created at the time of OBIEE 11g install. Click > Business Intelligence > coreapplication > Capacity Management > Availability > Hightlight presentation services > Click Restart Selected.

10) Log in to analytics as user with BIAdministrator privileges. Click Administration > Manage Privileges > Access to Metadata Dictionary. Make sure the users have Access to Metadata Dictionary privilege.

11) Log in as user who has Access to Metadata Dictionary. Click New > Analysis > Select Subject Area > Click on Metadata Dictionary. This would open a new window with Metadata Dictionary details

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