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OBIEE 12 RCU Avoid Hardstop Pre Reqs for AL32UTF8 Database Char Set

OBIEE 12 RCU Avoid Pre Reqs for AL32UTF8

I think there is a bug or a Hardstop in the 12c RCU Process when trying to install an RCU on a non UTF8 char set database.

Anyway there is a way around it ....

Open the file : [ORACLE_HOME]/oracle_common\rcu\config\RCUCommon.dtd

and amend the following properties from FALSE to TRUE:

<!ATTLIST DBPrerequisiteSet
          OPERATOR (OR|AND) "OR" 
          SOFT (TRUE|FALSE) "TRUE">

PREREQ_TYPE (InitParameter|DBOption|Java|DBComponent|DBVersion|DBObject|CustomSQL|TablespaceFreeMB) "CustomSQL"

While i was there me and Krish added a bit of personalisation to the RCU tool... We suppose it would be good for a corporate roll-out if done manually.

Open the File : [ORACLE_HOME]/oracle_common\rcu\config\

#This parameter can be used to change the Welecome Text at "WelcomePage' of RCU

The RCU Process issues various HARD Stops these can be overcome by amending the files above.

SOFT Stop = Ignore ( Ignore Properly) .. The out of box RCU does not ignore the soft stops hence the change above helped.. 

Over and Out Shahed M and Krishna M

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