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OBIEE 12c Validation Tool

OBIEE Validation Tool OBIEE 12c

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Oracle BI Baseline Validation Tool is a command-line utility that enables you perform
regression testing on Oracle BI presentation catalogs from any two compatible Oracle
BI 11g systems. You use the tool to extract catalog data from each system and generate
comparison files. You then analyze the comparison files to determine whether any
changes are needed before making a modified catalog available to your user

BI release to release To investigate whether the patch has altered any
of the dashboards and analyses that are most important to your user community, you
perform the following tasks:

1. Run the Oracle BI Baseline Validation Tool against the appropriate catalog folder
in your Presentation Catalog to generate baseline data. You then run the
tool against your catalog to generate the same data from the patched

2. Instruct the tool to generate reports that compare the pre- and post-patch content
of your most important dashboards and analyses.

3. Next, examine the reports and analyze differences. Determine any fixes that are
needed in the deployment before making it available to your user

4. Finally, after making changes to those analyses, run the tool against your new system to generate a new baseline, which you then save for later reuse.

Its available as part of the BI Client tools installation downloaded from Oracle Website.

Once you install the Client tools its available in the location below (50mb) zip file on windows client tools !!


There are also instructions here in a PDF document called : Usage.pdf

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