Friday, 18 December 2015

Krishna Mohan

OBIEE 12c Bursting a Report with Dynamic File Name to filesystem LINUX or Windows

DELIVERBI Dynamic Archive Ear File

I worked with our original solution and improved it to burst / archive reports to Linux file system that is generic.

The new functionality within EAR file enables dynamic file names to be produced for exporting / using the content of the report / dashboard.

I have achieved this by adding few more parameters to the Java Bean when exposed in OBIEE EJB.


The new JAR file looks for Tags embedded in the Dashboard / Report and uses them to derive the file name of the file being exported to the file system.

Had to go through few hoops to achieve this functionality.

I incorporated a public JAR from Apache Tika that I am using in the EAR. I was using PDFBox but moved to this alternative to ensure the results are reliable.

Then I started amending the Java Bean code to extract the Delivery content as a String to work out the target file name. Needed to go through few iterations to get this solution up and running while making it quite generic.

I came up with idea of using two key words to look for in the Delivery content to identify the output file name. The previous solution allows for a file name parameter but is not dynamic I came up with two markers, StringStart and Str

As this solution is an improvisation based on the original solution, I am only providing the high level approach and components and not step by step instructions

You can access the solution document HERE 

And all source code as well as a fully working EAR file CLICK HERE

I have tested this solution with PDF and XLSX formats and it works as expected. It should work with other formats but will be testing these shortly.

I have built and tested this solution on OBIEE 12.2.1 

Updated 22nd December 2015 - Moved from PDFBox to Apache Tika

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Krishna Mohan

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