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OBIEE 12c Online RPD modification : BI Server Password corruption

OBIEE 12c Online RPD modification : BI Server Password corruption

We have noticed that the BI Server goes down some times and does not come up after carrying out online RPD changes.  

During the online edit looks like the RPD password is getting corrupt and causing the BI server errors

We worked a way to overcome this issue by restoring the default RPD and then deploying the latest version of the RPD. Of course you do need the latest offline RPD to hand to use this method.

The detailed steps are
  • Navigate to the directory /Middlewarehomebi12/user_projects/domains/bi12/bitools/bin and issue
         sh to stop all services
  • Delete liverpd.* and all other versions of RPDs in the directory /Middlewarehomebi12/user_projects/domains/bi12/bidata/service_instances/ssi/metadata/datamodel/customizations          
  • Clear the content of file default_diff.xml in the directory /Middlewarehomebi12/user_projects/domains/bi12/bidata/service_instances/ssi/metadata/datamodel/customizations/default
         Note: Do not delete this file
  • Issue the command sh to start all services from bitools/bin directory
  • The system should come up with default RPD
  • Login in to Weblogic as weblogic user to ensure all services are up and running
Now we need to deploy the latest RPD

FTP the RPD to the server and issue the following command from /bitools/bin directory

sh uploadrpd -I <Mylatestversion>.rpd -W <RPD Password> -SI ssi -U weblogic -P <weblogic password>

Hope you don't face this issue but if you encounter an error like here then you can use the above approach.

Unable to start the server obis1 : Received error message from Node Manager Server: [Server start command for OBIS server 'obis1' failed due to: 
[Server failed to start up but Node Manager was not aware of the reason]. Please check Node Manager log and/or server 'obis1' log for detailed information.]. Please check Node Manager log for details.

Another Option

Changing the Oracle BI Repository Password Using the obieerpdpwdchg Utility

Learn how to change the repository password.
Follow these steps to change the repository password using the obieerpdpwdchg utility, and then publish the modified repository using the Upload Repository Command:
  1. Navigate to the obieerpdpwdchg utility, which is located here:
  2. Type the following arguments for obieerpdpwdchg:
    • -I name_and_path_of_existing_repository
    • -O name_and_path_of_new_repository
    Then, enter the current (old) password and the new password when prompted. The repository password must be longer than five characters and cannot be empty. For example:
    obieerpdpwdchg  -I my_repos.rpd -O my_changed_repos.rpd
    Please enter the repository password:
    Please enter a new repository password:
    Note that passwords are masked on the command line unless you include the -C option in the command to disable masking.
  3. Open a Web browser and log in to Fusion Middleware Control from the computer where the updated repository is located.
  4. In the navigation tree, expand Business Intelligence and then click coreapplication to display the Business Intelligence Overview page.
  5. Display the Repository tab of the Deployment page.
  6. Click Lock and Edit Configuration.
  7. Click Browse next to Repository File. Then, select the updated repository file and click Open.
  8. Enter the new (updated) repository password in the Repository Password and the Confirm Password fields.
    Make sure to specify the password that has been set in the repository. If the passwords do not match, the Oracle BI Server fails to start, and an error is logged in nqserver.log.
  9. Click Apply, then click Activate Changes.
  10. Return to the Business Intelligence Overview page and click Restart.


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